Creditworthiness – we take care of the formalities!

  In our previous article the concept of creditworthiness appeared. – the city where we have our headquarters, or rather its inhabitants, flooded us with questions and requests to develop this topic. We meet your expectations and encourage you to read the latest text! You are not the only risk! The largest loans are taken […]

Is it possible to live without cash

Go to a bar, have a coffee and pay with a card. Although in Spain this practice may still be strange, it is common in some countries and the tendency to suppress real money is increasing. According to data from the Honest Bank , Spaniards prefer to pay by card. During the first quarter of […]

Is the village loan good now?

It’s a bit weird, but we still get to see it a lot. In essence, this is a conditional state aid. The question is, if we get money and don’t have to give anything back, how can it be bad? Perhaps the conditions are the solution? Let’s find out. What can it be used for? […]

How much more for a new apartment besides the 10 million CSOK? – Mortgages and mortgages

The new housing market is motivated by the demand and supply side of the new state subsidy system. it can stabilize the prices of new homes – this has been sent to Origo by a real estate analyst. the extension of the GFIC may also benefit families living in large cities in rural areas. The […]

Save money with payday loans

We all like saving money. Saving money with loans may sound strange to many as loans are not directly associated with saving – but you can save money with loans. You can also interpret it all as saving money when you borrow and it can also be done. In this article, we will address different […]

Here’s a 20 year fixed income home loan

Fortunately, current mortgages and other mortgages have already been linked to a reference rate, which means adjusting interest rates to an external rate independent of banks. The bank specifies what it premiums on the interest on the loans and what the premium is on for the variable. The most common reference rate is the interest […]

All About Bank Credit Demand

The bank loan allows the borrower to have a sum of money lent by an organization. Through this mechanism, it has funds that it will have to repay according to a schedule. This device obviously has a cost that will translate to the rate of interest. Bank credit can concern two major sectors: real estate […]