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In our previous article the concept of creditworthiness appeared. – the city where we have our headquarters, or rather its inhabitants, flooded us with questions and requests to develop this topic. We meet your expectations and encourage you to read the latest text!

You are not the only risk!

You are not the only risk!

The largest loans are taken as collateral for an apartment or house – these are mortgages. When deciding on these high loans, we are often afraid of risk – interest, long repayment periods. Remember – the bank also bears the risk! Hence the need to study the creditworthiness of the person applying for a loan. What is taken into account during such an analysis? Among others:

  • the amount of income and the type of employment (whether we are connected with the employer by an employment contract, mandate contract, contract, etc.)
  • secondly – monthly living costs (rent, bills and other obligations)
  • thirdly – current debt (the amount of loans currently being repaid, active credit cards, overdraft, etc.).

Qualitative and quantitative analysis – what does the bank check?

The above points are necessary to carry out the so-called quantitative analysis. On its basis, the bank estimates whether, after paying all amounts due, sufficient funds to cover the monthly mortgage installment. Qualitative analysis is another of the analyzes used in banking. The bank employee’s related questions will relate to age, education and professional situation. Also expect questions about marital status, the number of dependents and the housing situation.

History matters

creditworthiness and in other locations is also closely related to the credit history of the person seeking financial support from the bank. If you repaid previous loans on time, the bank will sooner provide you with further support, believing that you will also be paying regularly this time.

We reduce formalities to a minimum – creditworthiness

We reduce formalities to a minimum - creditworthiness

If you decide to use our services and borrow money from us for your dream house or apartment, we have good news – we take care of problems and formalities. We do not need dozens of papers, certificates from Offices or multi-page descriptions. We reduce formalities to a minimum. What documents will it require? It all depends on the form of employment! We grant loans of up to 120,000 to freelancers (e.g. a lawyer, architect, tax adviser or doctor with specialization). PLN without collateral. Goal? Any! We are not interested in what you spend the money on. What matters is whether you pay your debt on time. It should be noted that loans are granted for a period of 6 to 120 months – all you need is a statement and proof of identity (right to practice a profession).

Mortgage – how do we assess creditworthiness?

In the case of a mortgage during conversations with people who do not run a business, we do not need PITs – all we need is a certificate from our current place of employment. It is worth noting that at the client’s request we obtain the document replacing the certificate. Do you want to know the details of our business? Contact us and arrange a meeting. We will come to any corner of Poland! creditworthiness and not only there are no secrets for us – trust the professionals!

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