Canadian fight rap star Pat Stay made headlines last month after he challenged The Game to a showdown over his Eminem diss track ‘The Black Slim Shady’ and although the artist from Los Angeles blocked him instead of responding, the 36-year-old then dropped his own diss track earlier this weekend, which he called “Warm Up.”

A few days after the song’s release, however, the hip-hop legend was confirmed dead by several friends following a stabbing that took place early Sunday (September 4) morning in Halifax, N.V. Scotland.

As AllHipHop reports, local police were called to the seafront at around 12.30am this morning after receiving a report of a person armed with a weapon.

Upon arrival, authorities found a man suffering from stab wounds. Although he was rushed to hospital for treatment, the victim ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Although police have not confirmed the identity of the victim, sources close to Stay have confirmed that he is deceased. An investigation is ongoing, but at this time details of the potential suspects remain under wraps.

The fight rap community in particular has been hit hard by the news of Stay’s passing, and we’ve seen hundreds of tributes pouring in on social media as more and more fans learn of the heartbreaking news.

“‘I can walk on the moon in steel-toed boots.’ Rest in peace Pat Stay,” the famed producer The Alchemist wrote on Twitter. “Icon and King of Battle Rap. If [you] know me [you] know that I always thought he was the best. I am hurt.”

Another mourner wrote: “Certainly verified with [people] close to the situation to feel safe enough to post this. RIP Pat Stay. Condolences to the family and other loved ones who had the chance to know him. You will miss the BRC for sure.”

See more tributes below. RIP Pat Stay.