DETROIT – Storms sweeping through southeast Michigan on Wednesday are causing more power outages.

From 6 p.m. on Wednesday, more than 134,000 DTE Energy customers were without power, mostly in Oakland and Macomb counties.

You can check the DTE failure map here.

Report a breakdown at DTE here. Report a breakdown at Consumers Energy here.

  • Stay at least 20 feet from downed power lines and anything they come in contact with, including puddles and fences. Also keep children and pets away.

  • Be extremely careful around metal fences, which conduct electricity, following a severe thunderstorm. Electric current will be strongest when a fallen power line hits a metal fence. Even a connecting fence located at several backyards can be energized and dangerous.

  • Never cross the yellow barrier tape. These could be power lines that have broken down.

  • Never drive over downed power lines. If a power line falls on your vehicle, stay inside your car until help arrives.

  • A live power line can sparks and flip over when it searches for ground. A ground is earth or something that touches the earth, such as a fence or a tree. A live wire that has found its ground may remain silent, but it is still dangerous. Report a power line outage online, on the DTE Energy mobile app or call us immediately at 800.477.4747.
  • Cables or telephone lines can be energized if they come into contact with lines.Contact with any live power line can be fatal.